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Radico Organic Shikakai Powder 100g

Radico Organic Shikakai Powder 100g

Radico Organic Ritha Powder 100g

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Radico organic Ritha (reetha) powder contains saponin, which has natural cleansing properties, and therefore can be used as a cleanser for hair. Saponins are also useful as insecticides, for purposes such as removing head lice off the scalp. For all hair types.

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Ingrediences INCI: Organic Ritha Powder (Sapindus mukorossi)*

*Orgnic Certified by Ecocert.

Instructions: Use soap nut powder in place of your regular shampoo by applying its paste. It will naturally help prevent dandruff and keep your hair soft and strong. When using to treat dandruff apply the soap nut paste on your scalp and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Make sure the soap nut does not get into the eye as it will burn.

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