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Terms And Conditions in web store - Waku-Organics.com


The owner of the online store Waku-Organics.com (hereinafter referred to as the online store) is Waku OY (registry code 09601697), located in Espoo, Finland.

Ordering Online 

Confused about how to create your online order with Waku-Organics.com? We’ll walk you through the process in easy steps.

Step 1- Product Selection

Find an item you want. Enter the quantity you want to buy in the box on the right, then click the "Add to Cart" button to place the item into your shopping cart. Either adjust the quantity before adding the item, or adjust the quantity in your shopping cart and then click “Update” in your cart. When you are ready to finalize your order, click "Checkout", or alternatively you can click "Checkout" when viewing your shopping cart.

Step 2- Login / New Customer Registration

If you are a new online customer and you do not want us to store your address information, you can complete the checkout process as a guest.

If you are a Return User and have set-up an account with us previously, supply us with your email address and password so we can "look you up." After supplying us with the appropriate information, click the “Login” button to proceed.

If you are not registered and would like us to store your address information, click the register link on checkout page and fill in the required information fields as indicated. Be sure to write your password down for future use. After checkout, we will save your address information so next time you order, we can "look you up!" We can even store multiple “ship to” addresses if you have different locations that you receive your orders.

Step 3- Billing / Shipping Information

If you are a new online customer, use this form to supply us with your billing information. This information should match the billing information for the credit card you are planning to use. Click the "Continue" button to proceed with your checkout process.

If you have set up an account with us previously and have logged in with your email address and password, please verify that your address information is correct and make any necessary changes. Click the "Checkout" button to proceed with your checkout process.

Please verify that you're shipping address is correct. You can also select, "Same as billing" to autofill the information if your shipping address is the same as the billing information you listed.

Step 4- Order Summary / Payment

Please verify that all of your address information is correct. Also, double-check your order. If you need to make any changes, click on the appropriate link and make the necessary changes.

If you have a gift card or promotional code you wish to apply to the order, please enter them here. If there are any problems validating the gift card, we will contact you.

When you are ready to finalize your order; choose the bank link payment, credit card type or select PayPal if that's how you wish to pay.

Please read and accept Terms and Conditions before proceeding with “Place Order”

You will be redirected to third party secure payment service provided either Paypal or Maksekeskus.

After successful payment you will be redirected back to store where you receive confirmation of successful order and order number. We will send you order confirmation to your e-mail address.

Validity of contract of sale, product and price information

The conditions of sale apply to purchases of goods from the online store.

 The prices of the products sold in the online store are indicated next to the products. Price is indicated Vat 20%.

 A fee for shipping is added to the price.

The shipping cost depends on the location of the purchaser and the shipping method. The shipping cost is displayed when the purchaser places the order. Product information is provided immediately adjacent to the product in the online store.


  • payments with bank links 
  • credit card payments with MasterCard, Visa symbol
  • PayPal payment

Learn more about our different payment alternatives on the page payment methods.


  • We deliver products with DPD delivery methods DPD-pickup and DPD Courier
  • Smartpost or courier package (in Estonia and Finland)

Shipping Time

We deliver to all countries within Europe. We deliver the products as an international postal parcel which means that you have full insurance and a traceable package number on your delivery which is sent to your e-mail. The delivery time is about 4-7 days depending on the country.

Not collected packages

It is up to the customer to leave a valid and correct delivery address. If Waku-organics gets a package in return depending on an incorrect address or that the package not has been collected at the DPD station, it is up to the customer to pay new freight cost. Waku-organics will e-mail to the customer when the package returns and will be awaiting the answer from the customer.


All prices at waku-organics.com are stated in Euros. As a standard, If you are logged in as a company customer, the prices include VAT.

Freight cost

Actual freight costs will be added to your order. You will get a traceable tracking number on your order so you can follow your order during delivery and have a full insurance if anything should happen with the package on its way to you.

Receipt/Order confirmation

The e-mail confirmation which you receive when you place your order is valid as a receipt and certificate of guarantee. If you wish a paper receipt we ask you to send an e-mail to info@waku-organics.fi and we will of course arrange this for you. If you have not received your order confirmation within 30 minutes, please check that you have given the correct e-mail address and mail to us, and then we will send you the confirmation.


For complaints, regret of purchase and cancelling, see our page for handling of return. Returns made to waku-organics which are missing RMA number will be returned to the sender without measure and we will debit for the freight cost.

Personal data

We treat all personal data which you state to us, according to the law of personal data. We guarantee that no data about you will be sold or used for commercial circulars from third part, but only will be of internal use at eleven. Your e-mail address will be used for order confirmation and for other information about your order. We reserve us the right, in some cases, to make advertising circulars to your e-mail address if you not have declared that you don't want them. If you want to change your data or get removed from the file we ask you to contact our customer service.

Guarantee & instructions

Guarantees on the products are given by the respective manufacturer. Waku-organics do not give any further guarantees in addition to the one specified by the manufacturer. If you feel the least uncertain about the guarantee or the instructions enclosed to the product, please contact us before use so we can help you. We cannot be responsible for eventual over sensitivity to ingredients in a product, so if you are uncertain about what the product contains, contact our customer service before ordering.


Fact and price information is given with reservation for printing mistakes, price changes from suppliers, incorrect given technical specifications etc. and sell-outs. The information which is given hereby is not constituting any promises about usage, adequacy, guarantee etc. other than where is so clearly mentioned. Waku-organics reserves the right to changing all information without preceding notification.

If You have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us