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Les Argiles Du Soleil Green Illite Clay

Les Argiles Du Soleil French Green Illite Fine Clay Powder 300g

Les Argiles Du Soleil Prantsuse kollane peensavi 300g

Argile Du Soleile Yellow Clay Powder 300g

Argile Du Soleile Red Clay Powder 300g

Red Illite Clays is very efficient at drawing, dirt, oils, and toxins from the skin. It is rich in red iron oxide, It helps reduce wrinkle formation and restores radiance and vitality to the skin. Red clay is also known for improving blood circulation.

It can also be added to soaps to increase lather, add exfoliation, and to provide natural color.

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Clay mask

Face mask

Putting a clay mask on the face is associated with its symbolic significance. Clay has cosmetic and therapeutic benefits.

Clay is recommended to all types of skin, even to the most sensitive or easily irritated skin types thanks to its highly balanced effect. Spread the clay and don’t let it dry because it is a source of wellbeing.

Beauty masks are easy to make. Clay is used with spring water or filtered water. You can add plant extracts (rosewater, orange flower water or other similar), herb drink, essential oils* or virgin vegetable oil (wheat germ oil, argan oil, olive oil, sesame oil or avocado oil or similar).
*Usage of essential oils must be monitored because not all essential oils are usable on skin, even less on children or pregnant women.


Pour (powdered or crushed) clay into a bowl, which doesn’t contain metal. Add liquid (spring water or filtered water, plant extract, herb drink or similar). Put a tablespoon of clay 1.5 times corresponding to the volume of water you are adding it to. Wait until the mixture dissolves and stir it slowly with a wooden spatula, until you get smooth dough. If the dough is too thick, add a couple of drops of liquid. If the dough is too liquid, add a bit of clay and stir again. Add oil and essential oils only when the clay has mixed together with the liquid well. Spread the dough softly with your hands using rotating movements, so that it gets absorbed into the skin well. Let the mask effect for about 10 minutes without letting it dry. Wash away using warm water. Finish the treatment by adding moisturizer to the skin.

Making a cleansing mask for all skin types

Make a mask which has 2 tablespoons of green montmorillonite clay and a teaspoon of ground almonds.

Stir all ingredients together.

Add a teaspoon of freshly pressed orange juice.

Spread the mixture to the face making small circling movements with your fingertips, especially on the sides of the nose and chin. Let the mask effect for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water and add moisturizer that suits your skin type.

Clay mask for hair

Certain clay types, for example Rasul clay has cleansing effects which is why they can be used to help prevent hair becoming greasy without damaging them. Clay has excellent scalp rejuvenating effects. Apply the mask onto wet hair. Massage your scalp gently to increase blood flow. Let the mask effect for 20 minutes. This time is necessary so that the clay can sink deep into the structures of the hair and can have an impact. Rinse thoroughly, first with clean water and then with lemon water.

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