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TurBliss Bioactive Peat Mask For Problem Skin 180ml

TurBliss Bioactive Peat Mask For Problem Skin 180ml

Les Argiles Du Soleil French Orange Superfine Clay Powder 300g

Les Argiles Du Soleil French Orange Superfine Clay Powder 300g

TurblissKLAAR Bioactive Peat Water for Young Skin 100ml

Natural Peat water cleanses, refreshes, and revitalizes the skin. Minimizes pores, helps even out skin tone and texture. Restores normal pH of the skin. Recommended to use together with Deeply Purifying Peat Mask for Young Skin. TurBliss Bioactive Peat toner is made of Wild Nordic peat and it is living product. It is only mechanically filtered and contains the unique bioactive complex without any refinement. Real peat water is dark yellow or even brown because it contains the same humic substances as peat. Peat Tonic is packed in a dark glass bottle with a comfortable spray pump. It is easy to carry it around, to use it on a cotton pad or just as refreshing spray. The product does not contain any fragrances or additives. It is suitable also for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic.

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Balneological (treatment) peat can be called natural high technology. Its original composition is extremely rich and bioactive – humic, fulvic, and hymatomelanic acids, inorganic minerals, lipids, amino acids, enzymes, microelements, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and sulphur. These bioactive substances penetrate deep into the skin, restore its elasticity and normal functioning. Peat works a an effective anti-age treatment and an enzyme peel, it deep cleanses and balances problem skin, alleviates psoriasis and eczema, stimulates skin microcirculation and metabolism. Turbliss face masks are all deep cleansing and deeply moisturizing at the same time when used correctly. Humic acid is strong enough to reverse the oxidation process and reduce cellulite.

One of the key components in maintaining skin moisture and elasticity is hyaluronic acid. Humic acid helps to lengthen the life of hyaluronic acid molecules which slows down the formation of wrinkles and keeps the skin moisture level as high as possible. In conclusion, instead of adding hyaluronic acid or collagen into a face mask we can use humic acid from peat to help the skin cells produce these substances itself.

How to Use a Peat Mask!

If you want a peat mask to work then it has to be used correctly. Peat can never dry on the skin because humic acid molecules turn hydrophobic aka they do not react with the skin anymore. To avoid drying and to get maximum results:

Apply a thick layer of mask on wet skin avoiding gentle eye and lip areas.

Leave on for 10 min, on sensitive skin for 5 min.

Wet the mask with Bioactive Peat Toner or pure water to avoid drying on skin.

Remove with damp cloth or rinse thoroughly.

P.S Slight reddening might occur due to the increase of microcirculation. This is a normal reaction and the redness will fade in approximately 20 minutes.

Use 1-3 times per week.

Suitable to use in sauna or with steam.


Ingredience inci: Balneological Peat

Manufacturer: Turbliss


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