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Radico Organic Amla, Reetha & Shikakai Powder 100g

Radico Organic Amla, Reetha & Shikakai powder 100g

Radico Colour Me Organic Mahogany 100g, Organic Hair colour

Radico Colour Me Organic Mahogany 100g Best before 1/24

Radico Organic Brahmi Powder 100 g

Brahmi Powder is an excellent known for its revitalizing properties. It prevents the premature greying and helps to reduce excessive hair loss and dandruff. Brahmi also has an extremely strengthening effect on the roots of the hair, gives the hair more colour depth and at the same time relieves unpleasant itching caused by dandruff.For all hair types.

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Brahmi is commonly known as the 'herb of grace' and is one of the most popular herbs in Ayurveda.

The most active components in Brahmi are the triterpenoids and alkaloids. One of the important triterpenes is Asiatic acid which influences collagen synthesis, these triterpene saponins are also responsible for wound healing. It helps strengthen weakened veins that supply blood to the hair follicle. In a study focusing on the positive effects of Brahmi on issues of venous insufficiency (a condition where veins are not working effectively), Brahmi strengthened the weakened veins increasing oxygenated blood. This is important for people’s whose hair loss is a result of malnourished hair follicles. Brahmi helps provide strength and nourishment through the scalp, strengthening the blood vessels; thus, oxygen and nutrients stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.


Instructions: Form a paste by combining the powder with hot water. Apply the paste to wet hair. Leave on for 10 - 20 minutes and rinse with warm water thereafter. Cleansing with a shampoo is not necessary.
ingredients: Bacopa monnieri organic certified.

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