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Radico Colour Me Organic Violet 100g

Radico Colour Me Organic Violet 100g

Radico Colour Me Organic Light Brown 100g

Radico Colour Me Organic Light Brown 100g

Radico Organic Henna Powder For Hair 100g

The product is made from the pure powder of the henna plant and it is 100% organic. It can be used as a hair dye, conditioner or for temporary henna tattoos. As a hair dye it lends the hair a beautiful shade of brown with orange nuances.

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Henna has been used in the Orient and Asia for hair coloring and skin decoration, i.e. tattoos, for more than 4,000 years. It is the best known and widely used plant in Ayurveda. Henna powder can be used alone or mixed with indigo and cassia to produce various shades of brown and red. Radico's organic henna powder is the cleanest way to color your hair, as it contains certified organic henna leaf powder. Features of Henna:
Improves hair growth
Reduces hair loss, makes hair stronger, prevents dandruff, controls scalp itching, repairs split ends.
Maintains balance and keeps scalp clean, makes hair thicker and shinier.
Makes hair shiny, soft and manageable, and also straightens natural curls.

Instructions: In a bowl, mix the henna with the lukewarm water. Various herbs can be added such as amla, to make hair shiny. Yogurt, eggs or olive oil can be added for moisturizing hairs. Apply the mixture using hands or a brush and cover head with shower cap. Heat using a hair dryer can be applied during this time to intensify results. Rinse after 60-90 minutes and shampoo after 2 days.

Radico is an India based multinational organization engaged in the manufacture and export of Organic Hair Color Dye for safe hair coloring. Radico has been in production for more than a decade. Radico focuses on quality items, research and development of henna products and good business ethics. Link to manufacturer: http://www.radicomall.com/

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