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Radico Organic Hibiscus Flower powder 100g

Radico Organic Hibiscus powder 100g

Radico Organic Manjistha Powder 100g

Manjistha (Maddar) is an Indian Ayurvedic herbal powder that has hair toning properties, giving hair cool or warm reddish tones depending on its own hair color. Maddar is also used to treat hair loss and cleanses the scalp. Manjistha penetrates deep into the hair roots, nourishing the hair and protecting it from damage. For all hair types.

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Ingrediences INCI:

Rubia cordifolia powder*

*Organic certified

Radico Organic manjistha Root Powder is used for hair. it is safe and chemical free

  1. Contains no harmful synthetic chemicals.
  2. Prevents hair fall nourishes hair
  3. Kindly conduct sensitivity test before use.
  4. It fight dandruff, controls hairfall, purify the scalp. its is boon for those presons who are sensitive nad allergic to chemicals.

How to use Radico Herbs Powder:

Add manjistha powder to henna paste and apply it on hairs. Manjistha will enhance the red color of henna and gives bright red hues.

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